Destiny Bird Care

A Home for Homeless and Injured birds

destiny bird care
destiny bird care

Our Mission

we are Destiny Bird Care.

we believe that if we take care of birds and animals it changes our nature and character posivatly. Taking care of birds teaches us unselfish love and care, because they can not return the favour. we can not exepect from them that they will look after us when we get old .we are responsible for there homelessness and starvation. So it is our responsibility and duty to look after them.

lets do this

Many birds die in summer without water.

Keep water pots for thirst birds at balcony, window, tarrace.

Give water give life.

About Us

Destiny bird care is temporary home for injured birds. We treat them, care for them and if they are able to fly we set them free.

We create awareness and realization of the lovely beings around us. They need our love and care.
We want to remind all about our responsibilitiy towords the beautifull beings god has given us to care for, we beings the intelligent beings need to care for them

our Beautiful memories

how to help injured birds

Remember one thing about birds, wild birds are not pets. Fear is in their nature this is what keeps them safe. When you rescue a injured or abandoned bird you have to be very careful and don’t be impatient.

If you know any avian veterinarian (Doctor) nearby you can take that bird there for medical help.

If there is no avian doctor. Then you can handover the bird to someone who takes care of birds. You can find such people on social media or through friends.

Still if you don’t find such a person then you have to take care of it by yourself.

destiny bird care

When you find a injured bird then prepare a box with holes. so that the bird can breathe through it.

destiny bird care

Place an old cloth or old towel at the bottom of the box.

destiny bird care

Put a cloth on the injured bird and pick it up gently and keep the wings covered.

 If the beak of the bird is sharp, make sure that you do not move your face too close it could hurt your eye.

destiny bird care

Do not try to feed or give water to the injured bird immediately.
Give the bird some time to be comfortable.